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Ancora 1

00 . low quality project  (coming soon)

0X . motherland (coming soon)

01. noi, sirenedimare (coming soon)

02. as I dreamt about "normal" 
(coming soon)

( many others in between // unpublished-unedited material )

( many others in between // unpublished-unedited material )


As above so below nr.3.jpg

01 . paesaggio blu - mixed media collages  nr.6  (coming soon)


Artist statement:

My work is a vivid documentation of my life through photography and film, capturing the essence of my memories also through the integration of music and sounds. This multifaceted approach allows me to convey the depth and complexity of my experiences. Additionally, I use painting as a medium to uniquely express and recall my emotions, providing another layer of introspection and storytelling.

My projects delve into themes of love, loss, intimacy, nostalgia, queerness, identity, and strong interpersonal connections. These explorations often involve meaningful encounters with other artists and the exchange of ideas, creating a rich tapestry of shared and individual experiences. Through these interactions, I discover parts of myself within the people I meet, reflecting the universal nature of our emotional journeys.

My goal is to create art that leaves a lasting impression on viewers, encouraging them to engage in personal reflection and discovery. By inviting others to connect with my work on a deeper level, I hope to foster a collective reminiscence that resonates beyond the immediate experience.

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